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Lets work 1-on-1


1-on-1 coaching and individualized training that’s effective, convenient, and affordable!

I am based in New York City and have worked and trained with some of the best trainers, yoga teachers, and therapists throughout the US. I am passionate about helping people move pain free, and improve the way you look and feel!

Today’s fitness culture is obsessed about appearances and aesthetics and that is where we spend most of our focus. Most often, this single-minded approach leads to training methods that are too aggressive with disregard to one’s movement capabilities. As a result, the human body compensates for poor quality movement, and over time this damages our joints and surrounding tissues leading to pain. 

I approach your fitness goals methodically. We will asses how you currently move and how your body needs to improve. This ensures that my clients’ plans are individually tailored and fully effective. 

I draw on my training to give you better physical performance and longevity. 

We will work together to make you look, move, and function your best!